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Compliance Pro™ HSV Report

General Description
The Compliance-Pro™ HSV Report is an on-line full ISO/ANSI barcode verifier (linear symbologies).  Built on the HSV platform, this product is an extension of the HSV Inspect.  Using the powerful scan verification engine, this model has the additional functionality of providing real time trend chart and analysis tools.  Included is a simple database that records each job for later review or report printing.



  • Expandable from 1 to 8 scan heads per system
  • Real-time trend charts
  • Off-line viewable profile with all analyzed parameters
  • Auto-discrimination between symbologies
  • 600 scan per second scan head
  • Two operation modes: Free scan and Sync pulse
  • Job information database
  • Intel Pentium IV Computer
  • 17 inch Touch screen monitor(available option)
  • Modem for remote diagnostics



Equipment Type
• On-line full ISO/ANSI barcode verifier

Operation Modes
• All ISO and ANSI parameters

• GTIN 12 A&E, GTIN 8, GTIN 13 including 2 and 5 digit supplemental codes
• Generic (ANSI Traditional) Interleaved 2 of 5 plus GTIN 14 (I 2/5) Shipping Container Symbol
• Generic (ANSI Traditional) Code 39 plus mod 43 check character; AIAG, LOGMARS, and HIBC formats
• Generic (ANSI Traditional) Code 128; GTIN 14 (GS1 128) Shipping Container Symbol
• Codabar Variant
• Code 93

Parameters Analyzed
• Global Threshold (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Reference Decode (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Decodability (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Modulation (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Defects (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Edge Contrast (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Rmin/Rmax (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Symbol Contrast (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Overall Symbol Grade (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
• Modulo Check Digits (mandatory symbology and optional application parameters)
• PCS (Traditional method parameter)
• Reflectance - Light (Traditional method parameter)
• Reflectance - Dark (Traditional method parameter)
• Ratio (Traditional method parameter)
• Average Bar Deviation  (Traditional method parameter)
• Minimum Bar Deviation (Traditional method parameter)
• Maximum Bar Deviation (Traditional method parameter)
• Quiet Zone (Traditional method parameter)
• X Dimension (Traditional method parameter)
• Bar Code Direction (scanner decoder function)
• Symbology Type (scanner decoder function)
• % Decode (multiple scanning parameter)
• Encoded Data (scanner decoder function)

User Interface
• Single 1 button: Reset/Calibrate
• 5 LED indicators:  Power/Sync, Calibration, Barcode read, and Two programmable
• Bi-color LED (red/green) for each scan head
• Three bulb light stack
• Five outputs (open drain FET type):  A/B (>2.5) grade, C (1.5 - 2.5) grade, D/F (<1.5), and two customizable

Apertures and Light Source
• Four available models; 4, 6, or 10 mil scan head
• 660 nm (red light source)

Printer Options
• Any Windows printer

Reflectance Calibration
• Calibration card and protective sleeve provided with each unit

Power Source
• UL approved AC power supply

• Depot service performed 

• Traverse:  24"
• Verification Scanner: 5.0 " (127 mm) L x 4.4" (111 mm) W x 2.4" (60 mm) H

Standards Met
• ISO15416-1 Barcode Print Quality Test Specification
• ISO15426-1 Barcode Verifier Conformance Specification  
• ANSI X3.182-1990 Barcode Print Quality Guideline