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Verify 2D symbols with a convenient, accurate hand-held barcode verifier. If you need to verify both 2D and Linear barcodes, choose a Combination Verifier.

Connect the unit to your computer. Position the imager over a barcode and press the button. Clear and concise results are displayed instantly and reveal any potential problems. Verify that your barcodes comply with GS1 and ISO quality standards. Verifiers are calibrated and fully traceable to NIST standards.

Numerous field of view options are available.

2D or Combination Verifiers

2D / Dual Barcode Verifiers

Axicon 2D Verifier
Axicon 15000
Stratix Xaminer eZ 2D
Webscan TruCheck 2D USB
Webscan TruCheck 2D UV
Webscan TruCheck Omni
Webscan TruCheck Tower USB
Webscan TruCheck Optima

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