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The large content capacity of the GS1 DataBar coupon code makes checking the accuracy of encoded content a critical part of your proofing process.  To ensure a match to intended offer parameters, Symbology has the simplest, most accurate data validation service available. Our Coupon ValidatorSM Service provides full data field breakdown and decode detail.  Subscriptions for validation services provide instant access and unlimited use.

Coupon Validator scanner


Subscription Features:

  • Unlimited validations
  • "Plug and Play" installation and use
  • PC or MAC compatible
  • 24/7 access
  • Decodes both the visible and covert information
  • Scan and parse out encoded data into company prefix, offer code, family code and all other GS1 coupon data fields
  • Registered users simply scan their GS1 DataBar code into our online Coupon ValidatorSM Service site.

Validation reports for individual codes are also available

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For more information, contact: Coupon ValidatorSM Sample Reports
Client Services: 800.328.2612
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