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Ordering quality digital barcode files couldn't be easier. With our knowledgeable support team and broad capabilities, we help you apply precise barcode technology to packaging, coupons and boxes. All commonly used symbologies are available- Linear, 2D, QR codes....all secure, simple and easy to use.

Need help with the new SmartLabelTM Initiative QR codes?  Give us a call.

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Our helpful, experienced staff will assist you with your barcoding questions and immediate needs. We can quickly generate an accurate digital file, including necessary bar width adjustments for printing.

Enjoy the speed and convenience of creating error-free codes anytime. Generated in various formats, get what you need when you need it. Enjoy safe and secure delivery to your email inbox or, if you prefer, pick up the file on our website.

Let us help you use and manage this complex code. With its multitude of data field options and capacity, gain the flexibility to cross-market products, track and prevent fraud. And try our Coupon ValidatorSM Service.

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Insider Tip:  Download our Tech Bulletin about the importance of Bar Width Adjustment for QR codes.

Emergency Barcode Service - Emergency service is available for most standard automated file processes. This full service option operates outside of our regular business hours.  Learn More