GS1 DataBarâ„¢ Coupon Code Products Digital Barcode Files

The GS1 DataBarâ„¢ coupon code can include up to three product in one code. This complex barcode, with its multitude of data field options and huge data capacity, allows greater flexibility when it comes to cross-marketing products, tracking, and fraud prevention.  We help you ensure that you correctly encode all the data into your coupon barcode.

Producing accurate barcodes requires advanced barcode coupon technology and expertise. Symbology's sophisticated barcode system quickly and efficiently generates error-free digital files.

And check the data encoded with our Coupon Validator Service.

Our unique barcode files feature:

  • Rapid delivery on phone orders
  • Full Service order option
  • Email delivery or web site pickup
  • BWA -Bar Width Adjustment (reduction / enlargement)
  • Online ordering
  • Live Client Services support



Coupon Validator Service

new-GS1 Databar

ACP-Association of Coupon Professionals Coupon Example