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We're taking on the biggest challenges facing your business. Productivity. Profitability. Efficiency. Capability. We've been at the forefront since 1980-a testament to a superior reputation based on your challenges and opportunities. There's nothing we can't solve. And nothing stopping your identification and tracking programs from working smarter and flowing better.

From digital barcode files, sequential barcode labels to barcode verification equipment, Symbology offers depth and breadth in a variety of areas making it easy for you to do business with us.

A rich history of innovation. A relentless focus on quality. A real-world perspective on sustainability.

• One of the first companies dedicated to helping consumer goods manufacturers and printers correctly format and print barcodes

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

• An instrumental player in the widespread use of UPC codes and coupon barcodes in the retail marketplace

• Leading source of flawless digital barcode files, label printing and sequence management

• Provider of specialty industry solutions including certification as an ISBT blood label vendor

• Leading provider of barcode verification equipment helping printers and packagers inspect the quality of barcodes

• Developed an online digital barcode ordering system to incorporate a range of additional linear and 2D barcode symbologies

• Active participant in the development of industry specifications for a wide variety of barcoding applications

GS1 US Solution Partner with several certified barcode experts - GS1 Standards Professionals -  on our staff

We welcome you to experience Symbology's 360° degree approach to business support:

  • Digital Barcode Files
  • GS1 DataBar™ Coupon Codes and Services
  • Preprinted Barcode Labels
    • Sequential barcode labels
    • Industry-specific solutions for Libraries, Blood, Fresh Produce, Medical,Tires and more
  • Barcode Verification Equipment
    • Hand held and desktop inspection models
    • Press-mounted high speed Verifiers
  • Barcode Training and Consulting Services
  • Barcode Evaluation and Equipment Calibration

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