Barcode Verification Services Services

We offer a number of additional specialized barcode verification services.  Individual barcode evaluation and inspection equipment calibration are some of the most requested.

Barcode Verifier Calibration
Calibrating your verification/inspection equipment ensures that barcode quality continues to meet ISO / ANSI industry standards.  This important service is available from Symbology. We provide professional calibration for most barcode verifiers.
Contact us for calibration or repair information.

Barcode Evaluation
For those who wish to verify the quality of their barcodes, but don't use them in sufficient quantities to justify purchase of your own verification equipment, we can provide this service for individual barcodes.  

Send your code to us using the request form below.  We will evaluate / verify your barcodes for you - providing an inspection report and identifying any potential issues.

Several levels of inspection are available:

  • Level 1 - Inspection with a Calibrated ISO15426 Compliant Device
    Inspection / Report including all eight ISO parameters
  • Level 2 - Technical Evaluation and Summary Report
    Detailed evaluation of ISO and additional criteria. Written report is provided summarizing the findings, root causes and suggestions.
  • Level 3 - Executive Level Evaluation and Report
    In-depth analysis of all components and factors such as the materials, specific printing process and  scanning method.  A written report is provided detailing the symbol quality and root causes addressing the technical and legal issues.

Mr. Barcode - Magnification Glass

Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your codes are properly inspected/graded and will function efficiently throughout the distribution chain.

Barcode Evaluation Request Form

Barcode Evaluation Sample Report