Thank you for visiting Symbology's blog.   We'll be sharing information and tips to help you correctly produce and use barcodes, as well as keep up on AIDC industry news and developments in barcode use for a variety of industries.

As a GS1 US Solution Partner, we are experts in barcode specifications and regulations. &...
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Why does barcode quality matter?

There are many important reasons why you need your barcodes to meet industry quality standards or specifications.  In a nutshell…

Barcodes serve to uniquely identify:

• Products
• Trade items
• Logistic units
• Locations
• Assets
• Relationships

Your code ...
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Hot Topic in Consumer Information: SmartLabel™

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, Food Marketing Institute, Consumer Goods Forum, GS1 and other trade associations have announced a new program called SmartLabel™. It is the culmination of two years' effort by the associations and 90 consumer product companies with the goal of providing the consumer with up to date, accurate informat...
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GS1 Databar Coupon Barcodes – What Is Your Grade?

Bing, zap, ding, beep….we all have our own word for the sound of a barcode scanning in a retail store - usually when we are in a hurry and are waiting for the person in front of us - and we really notice when that familiar beep or zap doesn't happen.   That means there is a problem with the barcode scanning and possibly a longer wa...
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