Thank you for visiting Symbology's blog.   We'll be sharing information and tips to help you correctly produce and use barcodes, as well as keep up on AIDC industry news and developments in barcode use for a variety of industries.

As a GS1 US Solution Partner, we are experts in barcode specifications and regulations.  We will keep you up to date on any new barcode information or changes from GS1 - the global standards organization.

We are your Ultimate Barcode Partner…providing flawless digital barcode files, pre-printed sequential barcode labels, and barcode verification/inspection equipment.  In addition, we offer many training andconsulting programs.

We'll include information about:

  • Digital files -making sure they are accurate 
    • Updates on specifications and barcode types
  • Barcode verification / quality grades - definitions and "how-to's"
  • Printing how-to's, requirements and tips
  • Expanding uses for individual item identification and traceability


Check back often for new information.  Or contact us for assistance:

800.328.2612 (US only)
email: clientservices@symbology.com