Hot Topic in Consumer Information: SmartLabel™

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, Food Marketing Institute, Consumer Goods Forum, GS1 and other trade associations have announced a new program called SmartLabel™. It is the culmination of two years' effort by the associations and 90 consumer product companies with the goal of providing the consumer with up to date, accurate information about products.

What is it and how does it work?

A program/initiative established to provide complete and standardized product information to consumers

  • Brand owner posts information about the product to a GS1 Authorized Data Pool
  • Brand owner creates a URL that will point to the standardized landing page with defined attributes for a product and encodes URL into QR barcode 
    • Attributes examples: 
      • What are the ingredients?
      • Are there any allergens contained?
      • What are correct directions for use?
      • Are there any precautions?
  • SmartLabel™ logo and QR symbol are posted on the package design
  • Consumer scans the QR code with Smart Phone and is directed to standardized landing page


Why has it been introduced?

  • Driven by brand owners desire to have consumer get correct information about their product
  • Deter heavy government regulation in the US
  • Satisfy EU 1169 regulations in the European Union
  • Stop fraudulent URL addresses with incorrect information


A survey of participating CPG companies estimates that 100,000 product labels will have a SmartLabel™ logo and QR code by the end of 2017.

As a co-author of the specification for the logo and the QR symbol, Symbology, Inc. is ready to assist you.