Axicon PV-1072 Portable Products Barcode Verification Portable Verifiers

The latest in portable barcode verification

  • Ease of Use
  • Complete Portability
  • ANSI/ISO Grade Verification
  • Automatic Variable Aperture
  • Printed reports via optional printer
  • Long Battery Life
  • Optional Shock-Proof Casing
  • Optional Ni-MH Batteries & Charger



Once more Axicon has used its innovative skills and detailed knowledge of the barcode quality market to offer you the best in portable barcode verification.

Introducing the Axicon PV-1072 - the perfect handheld portable barcode verifier, in size, capability, and cost. Everything is geared to making the job easier - which means the job gets done quicker.

This unit is ideal in the print room, warehouse or on the production line, this light weight rugged and easy to use verifier gives a clear and instant go/no-go report on the quality of your barcode.

Specifically designed for use in the retail supply chain, the PV-1072 is capabile of verifying a wide range of barcodes including EAN-8 & 13 and UPC-A & E, giving you the peace of mind that your barcodes will scan first time every time.

Results can be printed directly to an optional printer or saved into memory for subsequent transfer to a PC.
Our PV-1072 barcode verifier has been designed to be future proof. You can be assured that its Linux platform and capability can grow to meet future needs.