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  • Article 1 Advantage ID offers New Products to the Commercial Tire Industry

    20 December, 2013

    Minneapolis, MN. December 20, 2013. Three new types of tire labels have been added to the standard product line from Advantage ID.…

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  • Article 2 Advantage ID, Symbology's Commercial Tire Division, offers Online Ordering

    28 August, 2013

    Minneapolis, MN, August 28, 2013 – Advantage ID, the tire products division of Symbology, Inc., is pleased to announce that online ordering is now available. Their entire line of commercial tire and retread products can be ordered via the new e-commerce Advantage ID website . (shop.advantageid.com )…

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  • Article 3 Symbology's PTI Partner - Toolworx - Receives Patent

    24 July, 2013

    Minneapolis, MN, July 24, 2013 – Symbology, Inc. is pleased to share that Toolworx, their partner in PTI – Produce Traceability, has been granted a patent for their traceability system. This system is a key component of Symbology’s PTI E-Z Solution….their offering for easy compliance with PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative) guidelines.…

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