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Tracking of tires is becoming a crucial part of race management at many tracks around the US.  Barcoded labels on specialized materials allow for more automated tracking - eliminating much of the manual work, and avoiding data entry errors.

Tire officials at individual auto and kart racetracks can count on Symbology's durable Race DayTM barcode labels to uniquely identify racing tires allotted to each race on a single Race Day or on multiple days of racing.

Race Day labels can be applied in minutes for a permanent durable bond to racing tires. 2D DataMatrix barcodes with built-in error correction ensure successful scanning of the code and ultimately - management and tracking of the tires.

Race Day labels can be purchased in lots of 100.  Custom sequences or racetrack-specific data can be encoded for lots of 500 items or more.

Race Day Labels - roll Race Day label on tire