Compliance Pro™ Desktop Products Barcode Verification Linear Verifiers

Compliance Pro™ Desktop Fact Sheet

The Compliance-Pro™ Desktop from Inspection Systems, Inc., is a full ISO/ANSI barcode verifier (linear symbologies). Using the powerful scan verification engine, this model has the additional functionality of providing real time trend charts and analysis tools. Included is a simple database that logs each job and inspection within each job for later review or report printing.

Compliane Pro Desktop New Features
  • Expandable from 1 to infinity production lines simultaneously
  • Designed for high volume statistical inspection
  • Real-time Bar Width Deviation trend chart for all production lines
  • Off-line viewable profile
  • All analyzed parameters are viewable
  • Auto-discrimination between symbologies
  • 100 analyses per second scan head
  • Job information database
  • Windows 2000 compatible or higher
  • Optional Linear Slide (for controlled movement of barcode through beam)
  • Works with Touch screen monitor (available option)



Equipment Type

  • On-line full ISO15416/ANSI X.2 barcode verifier

Operation Modes

  • All 8 ISO and ANSI parameters plus Bar Width Deviation profile


  • UPC A & E, EAN 8 & 13 including 2 and 5 digit supplemental codes
  • Generic Interleaved 2 of 5 plus SCC-14 (I 2/5) Shipping Container Symbol (ITF-14)
  • Generic Code 39 plus mod 43 check character; AIAG, LOGMARS, and HIBC formats
  • Generic Code 128; SCC-14 (UCC/EAN 128) Shipping Container Symbol
  • Codabar Variant
  • Code 93

Download Desktop software demo (instructions for downloading)

Parameters Analyzed

  • Reference Decode (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
  • Decodability (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
  • Modulation (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
  • Defects (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
  • Edge Contrast (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
  • Rmin/Rmax (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
  • Symbol Contrast (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
  • Overall Symbol Grade (ISO/ANSI method parameter)
  • Modulo Check Digits (mandatory symbology and optional application parameters)
  • Average bar deviation
  • Scan reflectance profile
  • PCS (Traditional method parameter)
  • Reflectance - Light (Traditional method parameter)
  • Reflectance - Dark (Traditional method parameter)
  • Ratio (Traditional method parameter)
  • Average Bar Deviation (Traditional method parameter)
  • Minimum Bar Deviation (Traditional method parameter)
  • Maximum Bar Deviation (Traditional method parameter)
  • Quiet Zone (Traditional method parameter)
  • X Dimension (Traditional method parameter)
  • Barcode Direction (scanner decoder function)
  • Symbology Type (scanner decoder function)
  • % Decode (multiple scanning parameter)
  • Encoded Data (scanner decoder function)

User Interface

  • Single 1 button: Reset/Calibrate
  • 5 LED indicators: Power/Sync, Calibration, Barcode read, and Two programmable
  • Bi-color LED (red/green) for each scan head

Apertures and Light Source

  • Four available models; 4, 6, or 10 mil scan head
  • 660 nm (red light source)

Printer Options

  • Export data to separate spread sheet.