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Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) / PTI E-Z TM Solutions

Symbology, Inc. is on the leading edge of PTI -  produce tracking / food tracking label implementation. For many growers, packagers and distributors, our PTI E-Z Solutions and traceability labels offer an efficient, economical answer.

Symbology's PTI expertise and real world experience help clients implement PTI in the most cost effective and accurate way.  We'll work with your existing systems and ensure that your produce tracking barcodes conform to requirements.

We provide a variety of labeling and identification solutions to fit individual client needs.  PTI E-Z, our easy to implement Print-on-Demand label systems with Smart Printers (including produce software), or simple PTI Software Systems often best suit small to mid size growers/shippers.  Our Pre-Printed Labels and unique application tools are
a great fit for producers with larger volumes or unique processes.

Additionally, we offer unique label materials to function with challenging surfaces such as RPCs and Waxed Boxes.

Our PTI Consultants can help you select the simplest system for you, and guide you through implementation.

For PTI Details, visit our PTI Technical Information page.

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