Products Barcode Verification and Inspection Systems

To ensure that a code is properly produced and will scan correctly throughout the supply chain, its quality must be graded... by a barcode verifier/inspection instrument.

From convenient hand-held models to efficient desktop systems, to high speed press mounted verifiers-our equipment meets strict ISO/ANSI standards. Whatever your application, we have the inspection and verification tools to ensure your barcode quality.  Choose from a wide selection:

Hand Held / Desktop Verifiers

2D / Dual Verifiers

Online / High Speed Systems


Axicon 6015
Axicon 6515
Axicon 7015
Axicon PV-1072 Portable
Axicon PV-1000 Portable
RJS D4000 Laser Optic
RJS D4000 Auto Optic
Compliance Pro Desktop
Webscan Laser USB


Axicon 2D Verifier
Webscan TruCheck USB
Webscan Omni USB
Webscan Tower USB
Webscan TruCheck
Webscan Optima


Compliance Pro Inspect
Compliance Pro HSV Report
Compliance Pro Inspect - Thermal Transfer
Compliance Pro HSV Report-Thermal Transfer
Compliance Pro Data Match
Compliance Pro Decoder


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