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Barcode Verification and Inspection Equipment

To ensure that a barcode is properly produced and will scan correctly throughout the entire supply chain, its quality must be graded by a barcode verification or inspection instrument.

From convenient hand-held and portable models to high speed press mounted verifiers - our equipment meets strict ISO/ANSI and AIM industry standards. Easy to use, accurate verifiers are available to check the quality of either Linear or 2D - (Data Matrix and QR codes) - or both. Whatever your application, coupons to medical device UDIs, we have the barcode verification and inspection tools to ensure your barcode quality.  (For Medical Devices, here is our UDI Tips sheet to get you started.)

Choose from a wide selection of top manufacturer's equipment brands:  Axicon, Webscan, RJS, Stratix, and Compliance-Pro.

Linear Verifiers - Hand Held

2D / Combination Verifiers

Portable Verifiers

Linear Barcode Verification 2D and combination barcode verifiers

Portable barcode verification

DPM Verifiers High Speed Online Verifiers Verification Services
DPM Barcode Verifiers
High Speed Online Barcode Verification Systems Barcode Verification Services


CIS Axicon


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